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Troubleshooting 3 Common Sewing Machine Problems

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If you find yourself dealing with an uncooperative sewing machine, you'll likely feel frustrated and may even want to give up. It may be necessary to call in a professional to service and repair your sewing machine, but there are some things you can try yourself before scheduling a repair appointment. Here's an overview of three common sewing machine problems and steps you can take to try and resolve the issue yourself:

Bent And Broken Needles

In addition to damaging your fabric and wasting thread, repeatedly replacing broken needles can get costly. You should always use a new needle when starting a new sewing project, but if you find your needle keeps bending or breaking despite being new, you may not be using the right type. Jersey and ballpoint needles should be used for thick fabrics, such as wool knits, while sturdy needles with a sharp point should be used for denim and leather. Thin needles should be reserved for finer fabrics, such as cotton and silk. If you're sure you're using the right kind of needle and your needles are still breaking, there be an underlying issue with the timing mechanism, which will require mechanical repair.

Thread Keeps Breaking

Sewing machines require heavyweight thread and threads designed for hand sewing won't be able to withstand the speed and tension of machine sewing. Also, the top and bottom threads on your machine need to be the same weight or your threading mechanism can get out of balance. If you're using the right type of thread and still having issues, the tension settings may need to be adjusted.

Machine Makes A Thumping Noise

If your sewing machine makes an unexpected thumping noise, stop using it and give it a good clean. Lint can build up in your machine, and continuing to use a machine that needs to be cleaned can cause the motor to burn out. Your manual will have detailed instructions on how to clean the inside of your machine. If it's still making a noise when you've cleaned it, book it in for a tuneup with your local sewing machine repair shop.

Often, when you encounter a problem with your sewing machine, reviewing the materials you're using and ensuring your machine is clean can resolve the issue. However, if you've been unable to resolve the issue yourself, it's best to stop using the machine until you have it looked at by a professional, as continuing to use your machine could cause additional damage.