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How to Determine What's Wrong With Your Ilve Stove

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Ilve Stoves are quality stoves and, therefore, they can be fixed even though they have been in use for a long time. This involves repairing or replacing the parts of the stove that are damaged. It doesn't matter whether you're working with a cook-top, coil-element cooker, glass-top, solid hot plate, induction stove or ceramic element; the problem can be fixed.

There are only a few things that could be wrong with your stove top. The problem is a burnt element, burnt wiring or a damaged controller. A professional repairman familiar with ilve appliance repairs can replace these parts easily and efficiently for you. Nevertheless, you should not attempt to carry out the repairs yourself since they should be carried out by a professional for your own safety. But here are some troubleshooting things to check that you can try on your own first.

The Element Does Not Heat

Most times this is caused by something as simple as the stove being unplugged or the switch for the main cooker being turned off. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to check whether the stove is still plugged in and whether the switch is turned on. If not, remedy this accordingly by either plugging the stove in or turning on the switch to the main cooker. Then proceed to test the stove; if the stove works, then there was nothing really wrong with your stove top.

Check the Element

Before doing this, ensure that you have unplugged the stove and turned the main cooker off in order to avoid accidents. If you try the remedy above and the element still does not heat, check the element closely in order to determine if it's damaged in any way.This is usually denoted by things such as cracks, bubbles or blistering on the element. If any of the aforementioned is present, then it means you're going to need to replace the element. Contact an ilve appliance repair man to come and replace the element for you.

What Type of Pots Have You Been Using?

If the pots you have been using are heavier and/or larger than the stove, then it's possible that the wiring of the coil element is loose. This is especially common in cases whereby the pots in use are too large for the coils and are normally stirred frequently. If the coil is visibly loose or you suspect that it is so, call a professional for ilve stove repairs. Ensure that you use pots that are proportional to your stove to avoid damaging the coils.